I just today received a bill in the amount of $12,600.17 addressed to my deceased mother, who too date has been deceased two years.I don't know where this company acquired my address, or why they are sending a bill to my deceased mother, to the best of my knowledge my mother has no out-standing bills at death, and was in fact unable to take care of herself for nine years prior to her death.

Why do I now recieve this bill? It hurts bad enough missing my mother, but then to open my mailbox and find this enormous bill addressed to my mother is a bit much, I don't know who might have acquired this bill, or even if it is real but I do not appreciate receiving any delinquent bills addressed to my mother because she owed no person prior to her death and definitely could not create a bill from Heaven. So what is up with this company? It states Previous Creditor: Mdtris Companies Inc., & Current Creditor: Paragon Way, Inc.

are they having a problem trying to determine what the company might be calling itself from one day to the next?

They will definitely receive my input via telephone tomorrow, count on it!

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